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Collectible Vintage Dinner Bells & Discontinued Colectible Norman Rockwell Porcelain China Bells
crystal dinner bells, glass dinner bells, china bells, Limoges bells, Wedgwood bells
Vintage 1978 Silverplate Mother's Day Bell Danbury Mint
GORHAM Silverplate 1997 Annual Christmas Bell BOXED
Vintage Miniature Collectible Crystal Glass PINWHEEL Bell
Vintage Annual Etched Crystal Glass Collectible Bell Round Medallion Handle  © fc 1979
Vintage Glass Dinner Bell 7" Deep Diamond & Vertical Cuts Black Glass Bead Clapper
Collectible Crystal Glass UNICORN Bell Sawtooth Trim
Vintage 1981 SASAKI CRYSTAL, JAPAN 24% Lead CRYSTAL Glass Dinner Bell 18K Gold Bands Danbury Mint
Vintage 1988 G. DUCHIN Solid Brass Christmas Tree Ornament SEASONS GREETINGS
Vintage Victorian Glitter Fruit Christmas Ornaments Set of 4 Pear, 2 Red Apples, 1 Green Apple

Vintage Collectible Dolls from Around the World
Vintage Boxed Collectible GERMANY Doll Bookcase Collectable Dolls by The New Bright Collection
Vintage Boxed Collectible SPAIN Doll Bookcase Collectable Dolls by The New Bright Collection
Vintage Boxed Collectible AUSTRIA Doll Bookcase Collectable Dolls by The New Bright Collection
Vintage Boxed Collectible GERMANY Doll Bookcase Collectable Dolls by The New Bright Collection #2 1992
Vintage Boxed Collectible WEST GERMANY Doll Bookcase Collectable Dolls by The New Bright Collection #3
Vintage Collectible BARBADOS WEST INDIES Souvenir Doll 8" Tall
Vintage QUEEN ELIZABETH Collectible Doll 7.5" Tall Movable Arms, Sleepy Eyes
Vintage Cloth Body Handmade Collectible Oriental JAPANESE Dolls 11" and 5.5" JAPAN Mother & Child
Vintage COPPER & BRASS Coffee Grinder Doll House Miniature

Collectible Souvenir Spoons Silverplate & Silver - World WIde
Vintage Silver Plated Collectible Souvenir Spoon "DOMINE DIRIGE NOS" London
Vintage Silverplate & Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon HM Tower of London
Vintage Figural BRASS Collectible Souvenir Spoon ESMERALDA / Hunchback of Notre-Dame Made in England
Vintage Silverplate Souvenir Collectible Spoon Figural Queen's Carriage Exquisite E.J.LTD Silver Jubilee 1952 - 1977
Vintage Silverplate & Enamel Souvenir Collectible Spoon  EDINBURGH CASTLE
Vintage Silverplate & Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon YORK with ROSE WINDOW Charm B.B.S. Gt. Britain
Vintage Silverplate EPNS Collectible Souvenir Spoon KANGAROO PAW, West Australia
Vintage Silverplate HONG KONG Collectible Souvenir Spoon
Vintage & Discontinued AURAL Stainless Collectible Demitasse Spoon Plume Tip, JAPAN, E.C.Ltd.
Vintage Silverplate FIGURAL DUTCH WINDMILL Collectible Souvenir Spoon HOLLAND
Vintage Silverplate EPNS & Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon DONKEY ORCHID, WEST AUSTRALIA
Vintage Silver Tone & Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon  NADI, FIJI "Rerevaka na Kalou ka Doka na Tui"
Vintage Silver Tone & Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon 1984 WORLD'S FAIR / Louisiana World Exposition
Vintage Silver Tone & Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon  MACAU
Vintage Silverplate & Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon COPENHAGEN DENMARK  / København SOLD
Vintage Silver Tone & Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon Puerto Rico
Vintage Silver Tone Collectible Souvenir Spoon TIJUANA, MEXICO
Silver Tone JULY / CORNFLOWER Collectible Souvenir Spoon
Silver Plate Souvenir Collectible Demitasse Spoon CN TOWER, TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA
Polished Brass International Silver Collectible Souvenir Spoon AQUARIUS Coin Medallion CANADA
Vintage Collectible Souvenir Spoon L'ANSE AUX MEADOWS, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA
Vintage Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA Flag

Collectible Souvenir Spoons Silverplate & Silver - USA / United States / U.S.A.
Vintage COMMUNITY Silver Plate Movie Stars of the Silent Era Collector Spoon Set - Set of 6 - Gloria Swanson, Norma Shearer, Norma Talmadge, Lois Wilson, Richard Dix and Ramon Novarro
Silver Enamel Souvenir Collectible Spoon FLORIDA
Vintage BERTA HUMMEL Limited Edition Damascening & Silverplate Collectible Spoons Set of 5 REED & BARTON for NE
Vintage PEWTER Figural Souvenir Collectible Spoon BOSTON / PAUL REVERE HOUSE
Souvenir Collectible Demitasse Spoon Tussaud's LONDON WAX MUSEUM, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida
Vintage ONEIDA Silverplate Collectible Souvenir Spoon CHICAGO
Vintage American Collectors Guild Collectible Spoon GEMINI Zodiac / Astrology
Vintage Silverplate Collectible Souvenir Spoon NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR 1939 National Silver Company
Vintage CAMEO Silverplated Souvenir Collectible Spoon OLD MISSION SANTA BARBARA Perfection Plate Made in Australia
Vintage 1982 STATUE LIBERTY Centennial Celebration Collectible Souvenir Spoon S.L./E.I.Fdn, Inc., Nickel Silver
Vintage Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon NEVADA by DAJ Holland
Vintage Collectible Enamel Souvenir Spoon VIRGINIA
Vintage Collectible Souvenir Enamel Spoon OREGON / Douglas Fir Pine Tree Charm
Vintage Collectible Souvenir Enamel Spoon Shovel MASSACHUSETTS
Vintage Silverplate Collectible Souvenir Spoon ALASKA  Polar Bears/ CAMEO Perfection Plate / Australia
Vintage FORT LEWIS, WASHINGTON Collectible Souvenir Spoon JAPAN
Vintage Collectible Souvenir Enamel Spoon WASHINGTON (State) by FORT
Vintage FLORIDA Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon Palm Tree Charm
Vintage Figural EMPIRE STATE BUILDING Collectible Souvenir Spoon
Vintage STATUE OF LIBERTY Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon Made in Holland
Vintage Enamel MONTANA Collectible Souvenir Spoon KLEPA ARTS, GERMANY
Vintage Silver Colored Decorative Collectible Spoon EMERALD GREEN DOME by FORT USA
Vintage Enamel Collectible Souvenir State Spoon ALABAMA
Vintage Collectible Souvenir Enamel Spoon OHIO
Vintage Silver Tone & Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon 1984 WORLD'S FAIR / Louisiana World Exposition
H. LEMARIE French Silver Sugar Shell Demitasse Spoon Late 19th Century (c. 1865)

Collectible China Porcelain, Silver & Pewter Sewing Thimbles
Silver, Porcelain, Bone China & Pewter Thimbles
Vintage Lathe-Turned Primitive BLACK Wood Thimble (President Lincoln's Stove Pipe Hat)
Vintage Bone China Souvenir Sewing Thimble BUCKINGHAM PALACE, LONDON
Vintage COTSWOLD Fine English China Thimble England The Lincoln Cathedral / The Lincoln Imp
Vintage Exotic Tropical Butterfly China Thimble Collectible Souvenir
Vintage Porcelain Souvenir Thimble TOWER BRIDGE Made in Britain
Vintage Porcelain Souvenir Thimble WESTMINSTER ABBEY, LONDON Made in England
Vintage IRELAND Souvenir Thimble LIFFEY ARTEFACTS - Harp & Shamrock
Collectible IRISH CELTIC HARP Porcelain Thimble IRELAND
Vintage CAVERSWALL Fine Bone China Thimble HARRODS, LONDON
Vintage Collectible COALPORT PRINCESS DIANA July 1981 Fine Bone China Sewing Thimble
Collectible Souvenir Thimble COLLECTOR'S WORLD of ERIC ST. JOHN FOTI and the MAGICAL DICKENS WORLD / Downham Market, Norfolk, England
Crown Bone China Souvenir Thimble BONAIRE Hand-painted
Vintage English FINSBURY Bone China Thimble The Arms of Canada
Royal Blue Vintage CLOISONNE FLORAL ENAMEL Collectible Thimble ASIAN Cherry Blossoms
Collectible Bone China THIMBLE - NUNNINGTON HALL / THE NATIONAL TRUST Made in England
Unique Floral Cloisonne Enamel Collectible Sewing Thimble CARVED RED FLOWER
Unique Carved Flower ENAMEL CLOISONNE Collectible Sewing Thimble
Vintage Hand-painted Floral ENAMEL & GOLD Thimble
Fine Bone China EIFFEL TOWER / LAS VEGAS Thimble FIELDER KEEPSAKES / Made in England
Vintage Collectible Souvenir FINSBURY Bone China Thimble FLORIDA SEA SHELLS
FUKAGAWA Japanese Porcelain BUTTERFLY Collectible Sewing Thimble
Vintage Italian Olivewood Hand Painted Red Floral Thimble Made in Italy
Vintage Collectible LONDON PILLAR BOX POST BOX Thimble by JOURNEY'S FRIEND Hand Crafted in England
Vintage Mexican Alpaca Silver & Blue Green Abalone Inlay Thimble Collectible
Vintage Mexican Alpaca Silver & Pink and Blue Abalone Inlay Thimble Collectible
Vintage Collectible Bone China LONDON COAT OF ARMS Thimble Made in England
Vintage ROYAL ADDERLEY "Floral" Bone China Thimble Made in England Red Rose
Vintage RUSSIAN Hand-Made Hand-Painted Lacquerware Stylized OWL BIRD WoodThimble
Vintage Hand-Painted Russian Lacquer Ware Mythology DRAGON Wood Thimble Artist Signed
Vintage RUSSIAN Lomonosov Porcelain Thimble St. Petersburg Cobalt Blue Lattice Net with 22 Karat Gold Accents
Vintage TAXCO STERLING SILVER Hand-Made Thimble with Abalone Trim Signed "LMA", Mexico
Vintage Collectible Porcelain China Souvenir Thimble Texas, Armadillos, Cacti & Chili Peppers
Souvenir Porcelain China THIMBLE - I LOVE KENTUCKY
Souvenir Bone China Thimble Made in England RIPLEY CASTLE
Vintage Bone China Collectible Souvenir Thimble WARWICK CASTLE, England
English Fine Bone China Souvenir Thimble WESTMINSTER ABBEY by Jean Manson
Vintage Hand-Crafted & Hand-Carved Lathe-Turned Variegated Honey Pine WOOD Thimble

Vintage Crochet Lace Table DoiliesTextiles
Crochet Lace Table Doilies, Table Runners, Dresser Scarf
Vintage TABLE RUNNER TOPPER DRESSER SCARF Hand Crochet Floral Lace 21" wide x 21.5"
Vintage CROCHET LACE Round DOILY 8" Diameter Handmade Table Linen
Vintage HAND CROCHET LACE FLORAL ROSE TABLE DOILY Set of Four (4) Square BLUE 12" x 12"
Vintage Handmade White Cotton Linen & Crochet Lace Oval Table Runner 22" x 13" Table Linen Green & White Lace
Vintage Handmade Crochet Lace & Needlepoint Embroidery on White Cotton Linen TABLE RUNNER DRESSER SCARF 37" x 12.5"
Vintage CROCHET LACE TABLE DOILY ROSES 26" x 18" (c. 1950)
Vintage HAND CROCHET LACE RED DOILY SET / Set of Four White Trim Ovals & Rounds
Vintage HAND CROCHET RED LACE DOILY SET / Set of Three 11" Rounds
Vintage Handmade White Cotton Linen & CROCHET LACE OVAL TABLE RUNNER 28" x 13" Table Linen
Vintage HAND CROCHET KNIT 3-D FLOWER POT HOLDERS Dark Brown, Orange & Yellow Set of Two 8" Diameter
Vintage HAND CROCHET OVAL ROSE FLORAL TABLE DRESSER DOILY / Yellow, Pink & Green 23.5" x 13.5"

Crystal & Glass
Antique Glass, Pressed Glass & Stemware Barware
Page 1 - Clear Antique Glass & Crystal & Colorful Barware Stemware & Crystal Glass
Vintage CUI Lidded GLASS Beer Stein NAUTICAL STEIN SERIES - ARIEL / Old Spice
Discontinued French Crystal  VILLEMONT Water Goblets J.G. Durand - France by Cristal D'Arques Boxed set of Four (4)
Glass APOTHECARY Lidded Candy Jar Vintage KOEZE'S
Etched Floral GLENMORE Sherbert / Champagne Glass Stemware Libbey Rock Sharpe Set of Six
HOOSIER GLASS Tall Clear Flower Vase Swirled Ribbed Design 408-4091 #14
Vintage HOOSIER GLASS Tall FLOWER VASE Ribbed Design 4089-B #3B
Antique MERIDEN SILVER PLATE CO. Quadruple Silverplate Dinner CRUET CASTOR Caster Set
ONEIDA Lead Crystal Round PERFUME BOTTLE with Stopper
SHEFFIELD, England 3 Piece Seafood Set Engraved Silver Seafood Fork
Vintage Clear Glass "OLD EMPIRE" Liquor or Wine Decanter Bottle Mid-Century
Vintage CRYSTAL SERVING BOWL Cut Glass Brilliant Design
SHANNON CRYSTAL Napking Rings 24% Lead Crystal - Poland Set of 3
Vintage Pair of GIBSON CRYSTAL "Colonial" Cobalt Blue Sapphire Fluted Champagne Toasting Flutes
Vintage Cobalt Blue Double Serving Bowl Ruffled Edges, Molded & Frosted Tulip & Carnation Flowers & Leaves
Vintage Mixed Color Crystal Glass Cut-to-Clear CORDIALS LIQUORS SHERRY PORT WINE STEMWARE Set of Six 6): Pink, Green, Yellow, Gold, Blue & Red
Victorian Silverplate PICKLE CASTOR / PICKLE CASTER / RUBY RED CRYSTAL ART GLASS   - Grapes & Pheasant Birds

Fine China & Porcelain Egg Coddlers / Egg Coddles
Vintage ADAMS China Co. of England Earthenware China DOUBLE EGG CUP Floral Pink Roses METZ
Vintage English Porcelain China DOUBLE EGG CUP Floral Rose
Vintage Fine Porcelain China DOUBLE EGG CODDLE EGG CODDLER Grape Pattern JAPAN
Vintage DOUBLE EGG CODDLER EGG CODDLE Grape Pattern Fine Porcelain China JAPAN
Vintage LORRIE Porcelain China Egg Coddler / Egg Coddle CHEERFUL YELLOW CHICK / King Size
Vintage Porcelain China Egg Coddler Egg Coddle Colorful & Cheerful YELLOW BIRD CHICK IN NEST / LORRIE / King Size
Vintage ROYAL WORCESTER BIRDS Porcelain Egg Coddler Coddle Green Backstamp Standard
Vintage ROYAL WORCESTER TRAYMORE Egg Coddle Coddler  Standard Size / Green Backstamp
Vintage ROYAL WORCESTER LAVINIA Egg Coddler Coddle Standard Size / Green Backstamp
Vintage ROYAL WORCESTER LAVINIA Porcelain China Egg Coddle Coddler

Fine China & Porcelain
Porcelain & China Plates, Bowls & Novelties
Vintage Chinese Cloisonné Enamel & Silver Footed DRAGON & PHOENIX BOWL
Vintage Chinese Porcelain Qing Dynasty Floral Cloosonne Enamel 10" Bowl Chrysanthemums and Chinese Iris Flowers MACAU
Vintage LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Character COOKIE JAR / Marked McCoy
Pair Vintage Souvenir Pottery China DUTCH CLOGS / SHOES Delftware 2" Windmills
Vintage Collectible Pottery Figural LAMB Cookie Jar "FOR GOOD LITTLE LAMBS ONLY" California Pottery / Twin Winton
Set of Four (4) Vintage FORGET ME NOT / AMERICAN GREETINGS Fine Porcelain Christmas Collector's Plate 1992 Basket of Poinsettias
Vintage CMI, Inc. "Chadwick" JAPAN Ceramic Figural Southern Belle Vanity LIPSTICK HOLDER
Vintage Japanese Figural Cherub Vase or Urn - Ceramic Pottery
Vintage 12 Inch Tall Italian Ceramic Pottery FIGURAL ROOSTER & HEN Figurine Set
Vintage Japanese Porcelain Ware ROSE MEDALLION Floral Cloisonne Enamel Birds 6" Bowl
Vintage JAPANESE PORCELAIN WARE Footed Cloisonne Enamel ROSE MEDALLION Butterflies Birds 8" Bowl
Vintage Hand Painted LIMOGES, FRANCE Figural Leaf Bowl with Knife GIFTWARE / Blue Dots / Yellow Sunflowers
Vintage RIDGEWAYS BEDFORD WARE Lidded Creamer & Open Sugar Bowl Hand Painted DOROTHY
ROSE CHINA (Japan) White Creamer MOON LIGHT
Vintage 1980 ROYAL MAJESTIC BELL Jasco Figurine / Victorian Girl, Muff & Cat
Vintage RUSSIAN GZHEL Porcelain Blue & White Deviled Egg Plate Platter
Antique VAN BERGH Quadruple Silverplate Mount Washington (Mt. Washington) Biscuit Barrel Cracker Jar Wavecrest Nakara Kelva Glass
Vintage Hand-Made Hand-Painted Watercolor Stoneware Ceramic 7-3/4" Pottery Studio Art Vase Signed FLOWERING CHERRY TREES Japanese Motif
Vintage Lighted Porcelain Christmas Village Display HOTEL ROYAL / ROYAL CAFE Hand-Painted 1993 Collectible
Vintage White China Large Double Jelly Jam Server Set BLUE FLOWERS / LEAVES

Antique, Vintage & Collectible German Beer Steins / Tankards / Mugs
Vintage Monumental 14" Tall German Beer Stein Tankard GARDEN OF EDEN - Atlantic Mold
Vintage 1979 AVON Lidded Beer Stein Ceramarte, Brazil / CLASSIC CAR SERIES / Model T
Vintage 1979 AVON Lidded Beer Stein CLASSIC CAR SERIES Ceramarte, Brazil / Model T
Vintage 1980 AVON Collectible Stoneware Beer Stein CHUCK WAGON CATTLE DRIVE STAGE COACH ROPING
Vintage CUI Lidded GLASS Beer Stein - Nautical Stein Series - ARIEL / Old Spice
Vintage German COBALT BLUE Beer Stein - Ein froher Gast ist niemand last / A Happy Guest is No One's Burden
Vintage German-Style MUSICAL BEER STEIN Tin Lid
Vintage FRANKLIN PORCELAIN Beer Tankard or Beer Stein Mug BENVENUTI / 24K Gold Trim
German style Lidded MUSICAL BEER STEIN Japan
Vintage German Dutch Ceramic Pottery Ladies FLORAL ROSE Beer Stein Pink & Blue
Vintage German Dutch Pottery Ladies Tulip Floral BEER STEIN Pink, Blue, Green & Gold
GERZ MUSICAL German Beer Stein Bierseidel Tankard - Zweibrücken Schloss
Miniature GERZ German Beer Stein - Man Playing Waldzither - West Germany
GERZ / STAFFEL STONEWARE Lidded German Beer Stein - Brewery Wagon & Horses
Vintage OLD GERZ German Beer Stein GOLD ACCENTS Tyrolean Hunter & Family / Cherubs AUS UNSEREM FIRMEN MARCH
Vintage ORIGINIAL GERZIT (GERZ) W. Germany Figural Fox Lidded Beer Stein Hunting Scene Wild Boar Cobalt Blue & Brown
Vintage German Beer Stein 1/8L - REINHOLD MERKELBACK (Grenzhausen) Schlass Linderhof / Linderhof Palace
Vintage KING German Beer Stein Mug EDELWEISS West Germany - Unusual
Vintage KOKOPELI Hand-made Pottery Beer Mug Tankard
Antique MATHIAS GIRMSCHEID Saltglaze Lidded GERMAN Beer Stein - Cobalt Blue / Kissing Cherubs
Vintage PROSIT Rococo Lidded German Beer Stein CHERUBS / PUTTI - Signed
Vintage German Beer Stein - Gruss ausdem Schwarzwald - Greetings from the Black Forest
Vintage German Lidded Beer Stein West Germany "Wenn Bier u(und) Liebe ging verloren Dann Wäre besser nie geboren"
Vintage Italian Ceramic CHARACTER FACE MUG Beer Tankard SOLDIER - Signed / Italy
Vintage Stoneware Pottery Salt Glaze Beer Mug Tankard DUCK
Vintage Stoneware Pottery Salt Glaze Beer Mug Tankard HEART
Vintage IRISH WADE Buckingham Palace Beer Mug IRELAND
Vintage THEWALT Lidded German Beer Stein Cobalt Blue Salt Glaze 1/4L Tyrolean Couple

Table Linens Textiles
linen tablecloths, linen table cloths, linen dinner napkins, aprons & potholders
Vintage Kenmore 3/4D 4 Thread SERGER / OVERLOCK Sewing Machine 385.16655100 with Tapestry Tote Bag, Thread and Accessories
Vintage Hand Made HAND MADE FLORAL HOSTESS APRON Purple & Yellow Flowers Organdy Organza
Antique Fine DAMASK LINEN Cream DINNER NAPKINS Set of Four (4)
Vintage 100% Cotton FLOUR SACK TOWEL SHEEP RUSHdesign (c. 1980)
Handmade Ecru Hand-Loomed Embroidery Cotton LINEN TABLECLOTH SNOWFLAKE 61" x 80" TABLE LINEN
Cotton LINEN TABLECLOTH with Handmade Lace Ivory, Winter White, Pale Yellow 59" x 78" TABLE LINEN
Set of Six (6) Vintage Cotton Quilt Fat Quarters 18" x 22" DARK BLUE COLORS
Set of Six (6) Vintage Cotton Quilt Fat Quarters 18" x 22" LIGHT BLUE & GREEN COLORS
Set of Six (6) Vintage Cotton Quilt Fat Quarters 18" x 22" LIGHT TAN & TAUPE COLORS
Set of Six (6) Vintage Cotton Quilt Fat Quarters 18" x 22" FALL COLORS
Set of Six (6) Vintage Cotton Quilt Fat Quarters 18" x 22" FALL LEAVES & FLORAL COLORS
Set of Six (6) Vintage Cotton Quilt Fat Quarters 18" x 22" PINK & BURGUNDY BUTTERFLIES
Set of Six (6) Vintage Cotton Quilt Fat Quarters 18" x 22" DARK BLUE & GREEN COLORS
Vintage Set of Six (6) Fine Damask Cotton Linen DINNER NAPKINS Creamy White 19" x 19"
Vintage Hand-made COTTON LINEN DINNER NAPKINS Set of Eight (8) Medium Blue 17" x 12"
Vintage Quilt Top / Quilt Topper King Size 103 x 90 GRANDMOTHER'S PRIDE Hand-Pieced
Vintage COTTON QUILT TOPPER QUILT TOP Hexagon Star Quilt 54 x 70 Afghan / Lap Size
Vintage IRISH LINEN Embroidered Napkins Set of Twelve (12)
Vintage ALICO Fine Imported SUPERFINE DAMASK Tablecloth & Napkin Set / Light Blue / 54" x 54" / Four (4) Napkins

Vintage Silk & Linen Embroidered Hankies & Designer Silk Scarves & Ladies Vintage Fashion Hats
Vintage Hand Made Floral Tulip Windowpane WATER SILK Scarf 35" Square
Vintage 1978 AVON Designer Floral Spring Ladies Scarf by SW Kent
Vintage BAAR & BEARDS Ladies Silky Classic 100% Polyester Scarf Made in ITALY
Hand Printed Asian Chinese Black Silk Floral Scarf BASKETS OF FLOWERS Hand Rolled Edges
Vintage ANNE KLEIN 100% Silk Scarf Aztec Design in Black, Red, Silver & White
Vintage ANN TAYLOR 100% Silk Retro Floral Scarf
Vintage BILL BLASS 100% Silk Women's Scarf - Navy Blue Silk Cornucopia
Vintage LIZ CLAIBORNE Equestrian Fox Hunt 100% Silk Scarf
Vintage LIZ CLAIBORNE Floral Bouquet Purple Pansy Silk Scarf
Vintage LIZ CLAIBORNE Long Floral Trellis 100% Silk Scarf or Wrap 52" x 10-1/2"
Vintage NORMA DORI Italian Abstract Floral Paisley Silky Ladies Scarf
Large Vintage Ladies Korean BURGUNDY RED ROSES Polyester Chiffon Scarf or Wrap
Vintage PERRY ELLIS Womens Scarf Apple Fruit Pattern Plaid Border - Sheer Cotton/Cotton Blend
Vintage MONIKA ERNST 100% Silk Scarf Geometric and Floral Design
Vintage ELLEN TRACY Square Geometric Silk Jacquard Scarf or Wrap 35" Square Jewel Colors
Vintage LINEN HANKY / Hankie Embroidered, Cutwork and Crochet Lace Set of Four (4)
Vintage 100% Chinese Silk Scarf QIANTAIXIANG SILK Peony Flowers Fall Colors of Brown, Orange, Peach, Green & Burgundy
Vintage SILK Embroidered Hankie / Hanky BUTTERFLIES & FLOWERS
Vintage VAN HORN 100% Silk Ladies Womens Scarf 30" x 30" Black, Purple, Red, Turquoise & White
Vintage VERA NEUMANN Taupe Scarf with Wheat & Leaves
Vintage VERA NEUMANN 100% Silk Scarf - Red, White & Blue Plaid & Checks
Vintage VERA 100% Silk Yellow Ladies Floral Scarf Japan 31" x 31"
Vintage 1960s Veresa by VERA NEUMANN Blue & Yellow Floral Polyester Ladies Scarf Japan
Vintage Colorful 42" Square Silk ELEPHANT EAR (Caladium Leaf) Scarf or Wrap - Vibrant Fall Colors!
Vintage 1970's 100% Acetate India Inspired Ladies Scarf Made in Japan
Vintage FLORAL MEDLEY (Chrysanthemums, Tulips and Berries) Traditional Japanese Silk Scarf
Vintage 1980's Camel DOESKIN 100% Wool Felt Ladies / Women's Designer Hat with Tan Lace Netting, Geo. W. Bollman & Co. U.S.A.

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