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Vintage Collectible Bone China LONDON COAT OF ARMS Thimble
Made in England
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Vintage collectible souvenir bone china thimble featuring the London Coat of Arms in full color together with a hand-painted gold band along the base.  (c. 1980's)  Excellent condition with no damage to note.  Estate item.

The Arms and symbols of London: The City of London is ancient.  Originally Caer Lud named after a mythical Celtic King Lud who is attributed to founding the city in c.130BC.  The city was developed into a wealthy port by the Romans but then destroyed by Queen Boudicca of the Iceni in 60AD.  Rebuilt again with new city walls in 100AD the city (now known as Londinium) then became the capital of the Roman province of Britannia.  The city flourished under the Romans.  The Roman legions left Britain in 410AD.

The Bishop of London seemed to hold considerable authority over the city at this time which was almost a city state.  London was evacuated in 470AD when its defence against the marauding Saxons and Jutes from their base in Kent became impossible.  The city was the abandoned and desolate for several centuries.  It is said that the original tradesmen and burgers of London were allowed to move back into the mainly destroyed walled city of "Lundonwic".  In the 1380 the cross of St. George with the red Sword of St. Paul in the canton was adopted as the city's arms are said to have been adopted.  The  current Arms of the City of London with the dragon supporters are an invention of the 17th Century.  In 1899 London County Council was established engulfing half of the County of Middlesex and part of Surrey (Southwark).  London continued to expand and in 1965 the Greater London Council was formed which engulfed nearly all of Middlesex (causing the complete abolition of the county), large parts of Surrey, Essex and Kent and a small part of Hertfordshire.

This vintage English collectible thimble of the London Coat of Arms measures 1-1/10" tall, 7/8" wide and is backstamped in gold ink on the inside with BONE CHINA MADE IN ENGLAND.

A2269 - Vintage Collectible Bone China LONDON COAT OF ARMS Thimble Made in England
$6.00 First Class Mail 
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