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Vintage Silver Tone & Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon NADI FIJI
"Rerevaka na Kalou ka Doka na Tui"
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Vintage silver tone and enamel collectible souvenir spoon from Nadi, Fiji featuring a colorful enamel shied featuring the Fiji flag with the Fiji motto.  (c. 1960's).  Estate item.

Nadi is the third-largest conurbation in Fiji.  It is located on the western side of the main island of Viti Levu, and had a population of 42,284 at the most recent census, in 2007.  Nadi is multiracial with many of its inhabitants Indian or Fijian, along with a large transient population of foreign tourists.  Along with sugar cane production, tourism is a mainstay of the local economy.

The Coat of arms of Fiji was granted by Royal Letters Patent on 4 July 1908.  It was featured on the colonial ensign and its shield remains on the current flag of Fiji.  The elements which appear in the coat of arms are:

The shield has images both representing Fiji's primary produce and its links with both its colonial and pre-colonial past.  The English lion stands above the Cross of St. George, but in its paws it holds a cocoa pod.  Three of the four quarters around the cross also contain crops: sugarcanes, a coconut palm, and a bunch of bananas.  The remaining quarter shows a dove of peace, which was the main element of the flag of King Cakobau, the first King of Fiji.

The supporters are two Fijian warriors dressed in mulberry bark tapa skirts, one of them holding a lance and the other a pineapple mace, all proper.  The crest features a wreath Argent and Gules as well as a canoe with outrigger all proper.  The motto displays the national motto "Rerevaka na kalou ka doka na Tui" (Fear God and honour the King).

This vintage silver tone and enamel collectible Fiji souvenir spoon measures 4.75" in length, weighs .7 ounces and is unmarked as to maker except for a flower impressed on the back of the spoon handle.

A2397 - Vintage Silver Tone & Enamel Collectible Souvenir Spoon  NADI, FIJI "Rerevaka na Kalou ka Doka na Tui"
$6.00  First Class Mail
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