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Due to the increasing frequency of questions from visitors and customers of Abe Silverman's Antique Silver Shop, Abe will be compiling a semi-monthly newsletter, links to which will be posted here.

These newsletter will include subjects such as collecting silver, caring for silver, about quadruple silver plate, about sterling silver, all about hollowware and other interesting tidbits for the casual and serious collector.

1.  How to Properly Clean and Polish your Silver Flatware, Sterling Silver and Silverplate Holloware
May 2004
Is your family silver flatware, silver piece or silverplate holloware tarnished, dull or tarnished?  Are you concerned about damaging your silver flatware, silverplate or sterling silver by doing the wrong thing?  Then Abe's got some silver cleaning and silver polishing information and tips for you!  Polishing sterling silver, silver and silverplate is actually a very simple process. The initial time you clean and polish your piece may involve a large block of time and a lot of elbow grease, but with regular care and maintenance, it will take less time and become a more enjoyable chore.   By regularly using, cleaning or polishing your silver, you will come to appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of your sterling silver, silver holloware or silverplated items. Read more.

2.  All About Silver, Sterling Silver and Silver Plate
June 2004
Does the very sound of the word "silver plate" conjure up images of servants laboring in back in the butler's pantry over gigantic silver tea services with polishing cloths?  You can enjoy genuine silver every day without the butler.  In fact, silversmiths say if you use silver every day, it hardly ever needs polishing.  Handling and normal washing provide sufficient rubbing to keep tarnish at bay.  You don't have to pay big bucks to dine with sterling silver, either.  Vintage silver flatware and serving pieces cost far less than new silver, and they are often of higher quality.  Old estate silver can be cheaper than new stainless tableware.
Read more.

3.  What is Quadruple Silver Plate
July 2004
Let's start with the common misconception about "quadruple silver plate" - also known as "quadruple silverplate".  Quadruple silver plate items are NOT plated four times, nor do they have four times as much pure silver, known in the industry as .925,  as any other hollowware item.  Quadruple silver plate hollowware was some of the highest quality made during the later part of the 19th century.  Within the silversmith and silver manufacturing industry, items marked "Standard" silver plate indicated that  2 troy ounces of pure silver were used to silver electroplate 144 teaspoons, but "Quadruple" silverplate used 8 troy ounces of silver to plate the same 144 spoons.  Read more.

4.  What is Silver Plate Holloware
August 2004
Silver Plate holloware, also known as hollowware and hollow ware, encompasses a wide variety of base metal containers for use at the table or elsewhere in the home.  Metal holloware containers made of silverplate have been a favorite table setting for centuries.  Silverplate holloware has been a part of home decoration for more than 4,000 years.  Only royalty and the very wealthy owned the early sets, but today silver holloware is seen in many upscale and elegant homes.  Read more.

5.  What Is Cobalt Blue Glass & Crystal
September 2004
Cobalt blue glass and cobalt blue crystal is usually a very rich deep blue.  Cobalt blue is sometimes misspelled as cobalt blue.  It is made by incorporating cobalt oxide (Cobalt is a lustrous, silver-white, hard, brittle metal)  and oxide a chemical compound containing oxygen and one other chemical element.   It is a member of group VIII of the periodic table.  Like iron, cobalt can be magnetized.  Oxides are widely and abundantly distributed in nature.) in the molten glass mixture. Read more.

6.  All About Silver & Silver Plate Tea Sets
October 2004
Antique Silver Tea Sets and silver-plated tea sets were once practically a time honored and universal wedding gift. Today, they are sought after collectibles! Generally, the more pieces in a set and the more a set weighs, the more it will be worth. Look for extras like the convenient “kettle stand.” It’s a tea or coffee kettle mounted on a swivel, allowing for easy pouring. Some kettles feature a built in burner, good for keeping tea and coffee warm during service. These finest silver tea sets can sell for up to $1,000. At those prices high tea just got higher.  Read more.

7.  The Victorian Tea Party
November 2004
Are you ready to enjoy that special time by hosting a Victorian Tea Party?  The following guide will you assist you along the way for hosting an elegant tea party.  How to properly set the table, the proper steps to making tea, recommended tea brewing times and the Legend of the Origins of Tea are all covered. Read more.

8.  Abe's Silver Glossary, Terms & Definitions
April 2005
We've compiled this comprehensive list of silver terms and definitions to assist you in deciphering the 'technical jargon' used by silversmiths and sellers of silver.

9.  Quadruple Silverplate Blog Archives
April 2005 - Present

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