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Abe Silverman's Antique Silver Shop presents a concise abstract of historical information on many Sterling Silver, Quadruple Silverplate and Silver Plate Manufacturers, listed alphabetically.

This information is presented to give a bit of historical information about the maker of your silver or silverplate item.  It is not a complete listing of all American silversmiths or silver manufacturing plants, although we do add silver manufacturers and additional information on a regular basis.  

A comprehensive listing of currently listed silver and silverplate manufacturers can be found along the right-hand side of this page. 
Abe Silverman's Antique Silver Shop has invested much expense and many hours of research  into popular and expensive silver, silverplate and sterling silver reference books in order to present this information on various American Silver Manufacturers of the antique silver and silverplate items he offers for purchase. 

A - E:  Acme Silver Company - Eureka Mfg. Co.
F - H:  Forbes Silver - Homan Silver
   I:      International Silver (Part One)
           International Silver Flatware (Part Two)
J - O:  Jennings Bros. Mfg. Co. - Osborn & Company Silver 
P - R:  Pairpoint Manufacturing - Royal Silver
S - Z:  Simpson, Hall, Miller Company - Zell Bros.
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Silver Manufacturers 
Alphabetical Listings

1847 Rogers Bros.
1857 Welch-Atkins
1881 Rogers
1865 WM. Rogers Mfg. Company
A.H. Tower & Co.
A. S. Company
Acme Silver Company
William Adams, Inc.
Albany Silver Plate
American Silver Company
American Soda Fountain Company
Amity Silver, Inc.
Anchor Silver Plate Company
Apollo Silver Company
Atlas Silver Plate
Aurora Silver Plate Company
B. M. Co.
BS Co.
Babbitt and Crossman
J.A. Babcock & Co.
Babbitt, Crossman & Company
Babbitt, Crossman & West
Bachrach & Freedman
Baldwin, Miller Co., Inc.
Barbour Bros. Company
Barbour Hobson Company
Barbour Silver Company
E. & J. Bass
Beacon Silver Company
Benedict Dunn Company 
Benedict Manufacturing Company
Benedict Mfg Company
Benjamin Clark Silver
Bernard Rice's Sons
Birks & Mayors Inc.
Manning Bowman Co.
Bristol Cutlery Company
Bristol Mfg. Co.
Bristol Silver Company
Bristol Silver Corp.
Brooklyn Plate Co.
Brooklyn Silver Plate Co.
Brooklyn Silver Co.
Buck Plating Co.
Buck Silver Company
C & C Silver Company
C & Co.
Camellia Silverplate
Carrington & Company
Christofle Silver
A. Cohen & Sons
Colonial Silver Company
Columbia Silver Company
Community Plate
Cooper Bros.
Corbell & Company
Court Silver Plate
Crown Silver Company
Crescent Silverware
Davco Silver Ltd
Deep Silver
Deerfield Silver Plate
Delli Silverplate
Derby Silver Company
Derby Silver Plate Company
Diamond Silver Company
Dominick & Haff Company
Dowd-Rogers Co.
Dunkirk Silversmiths, Inc.
Eastern Silver Company
Ellmore Silver Co.
Embassy Silver Plate
Empire Art Metal Works
Empire Crafts Corp.
Empire Silver Plate Company
English Silver Mfg. Corp.
Eureka Manufacturing Co.
Eureka Mfg. Co.
F.B. Rogers Silver Company
Flagg & Homan
Forbes Silver Company
Frank W. Smith Silver Company
Garden Silver Company
Gem Silver Company
Gibson Glass Co.
Godinger Silver Art Company
Gold Recovery & Refining Corp.
Gorham & Webster
Gorham, Webster & Price
J. Gorham & Son
Gorham & Company
Gorham Mfg. Company
Gorham Corp.
H. & T. Mfg. Company
Hamilton Silver Manufacturing
Hartford Silver Company
Hartford Silver Plate Company
Hartford Silverplate Company
Hayes & McFarland Company
Henry & Leslie
Holbrook, Whiting & Albee
Holmes Booth Haydens
Holmes & Edwards
Holmes & Tuttle
Howard Sterling Company
Homan Manufacturing Company
Homan Silver Plate Company
I.J. Stean
I.S. Co.
Independence Triple
International Silver
James W. Tufts
Jennings Brothers Manufacturing
Jewelers Crown Guild
K & Co.
Kennsington Silver Plate
Kent Silversmiths
Kenwood Silver Company
Keystone Silver Co.
Knickerbocker Manufacturing
Knickerbocker Silver Company
Kronheimer & Oldenbusch Co. 
Leonard, Reed & Barton
Lunt Silver
Lunt Silversmiths
Lazer Luria & Son
Lyons Silver Company
M. Eugen Ferner
Manhattan Silver Plate Company
Manor Plate
Martin, Hall & Co.
Mauser Mfg. Company
Melody Silver Plate
Meriden Britannia Company
Meriden Silver Plate Company
Middletown Plate Company
Monarch Silver Co.
Mount Washington Glass Company
Mt. Vernon Silversmiths Company
N.E.S.P. Company
National Silver Co.
New Amsterdam Silver Company
New England Cutlery Company
New England Silver Plate
New Haven Silver Plate Co.
Niagara Silver Company
Old Company Plate
Old English Brand
Oneida Community, Ltd
Oneida Silversmiths
Osborn and Company
Pairpoint Manufacturing
Peerless Silver Company
Pequabuck Manufacturing Company
Peter Ferner
Philadelphia Plate Co.
Philadelphia Silversmithing Co.
Albert Pick & Company
Poole & Rouche
Poole Silver Company
Preisner Silver Comany
Quadruple Plate
Quaker Silver Co., Inc.
R. & B.
R. C. Co.
R. Wallace & Sons Mfg. Company
Racine Silver Plate Company
Raimond Silver Mfg. Co.
Redfield & Rice
Reed & Barton
Reed & Barton Silversmiths
Reeves & Browne
Revelation Silver Plate
Richfield Plate Company
Rockford Silver Plate Company
Roger Smith & Company
Roger Williams Silver Company
Rogers Cutlery Company
Rogers & Hamilton
Rose Silver Company
Royal Plate Company
Royal Silver Manufacturing Co.
Rogers Bros.
S.L. & G.H. Rogers
St. Louis Silver Co.
Sheets-Rockford Silver Plate
Sheffield Silver
Sheridan Silver Co., Inc.
Silver Plate Cutlery Co.
Silver Weld (knives)
Simeon L. & Geo. H. Rogers Co.
Simpson Hall Miller & CompanyE.H.H. Smith Silver Company
Social Silver
Southington C. Company
Southington Company
Southington Cutlery Company
Spratling Silver
Standard Silver Co.
Stratford Silver Plate Company
Stevens & Smart
Stevens Silver Company
Stevens, Smart & Dunham
Stevens, Woodman & Company
R. Strickland & Co.
Studio Silversmiths
Superior Silver Co.
Superior Silver Plate Co.
Syratech Corporation
Taunton Britannia Manufacturing
Taunton Silver
Taunton Silversmiths
Taunton Silverplate Company
Taffany & Co.
Tifft & Whiting
Toronto Silver Plate Company
Towle Manufacturing Company
Towle Mfg Company
Tufts Silver
United States Jewelers Guild
Van Bergh Silver Plate Company
Victor S. Company
Victor Silver Company
Viking Silver
Viners of Sheffield
W.W. Mfg Company
Waldorf Silver Company
Walker & Hall
Wallace Bros.
Wallace Brothers
Wallace Silver
Wallace Silversmiths
Waltham Silver Company
Watrous Mfg. Company
Webster Company
Webster Silver
W B Mfg Co
Weidlich Bros. Mfg. Co.
Welch Silver Company
ASWS Wellner
Frank M. Whiting
Whiting, Fessenden & Cowan
Whiting Manufacturing Company
Wilcox Silver Plate Company
William Rogers, Jr.
Wm. A. Rogers
W.M. Rogers & Son
Wm. A. Rogers, Ltd
Wm. A. Rogers Silver Company
William Spratling
Wilton Brass Foundry
Woodman-Cooke Company
WR New York
X S Triple
Zell Brothers
These silver reference sites may assist you further if you are unable to locate information here.  Additional links are provided on this page to other silver identification sites (not at Abe Silverman's Antique Silver Shop site) which include:

     •  Britannia Standard
     •  British Silver Hallmarks
     •  Collecting Silver
     •  Guide to English Silver
     •  Sheffield (Silver) Plate
     •  All About Souvenir Spoons a the Spoon Museum
     •  Online Encyclopedia of America Silver Marks
     •  Replacements Compare their prices to Abe's!

Here's a great site for dating Wedgwood (British Porcelain, Pottery and Ceramic Trade Marks).

Abe's Books about Silver is a personally recommended list of silver related books which will enhance your knowledge of past and current silver manufacturers and assist you in identifying your silver, silverplate or sterling silver items.

For information about companies which specialize in silver replating, repair of silver, polishing silver and silver restoration, please see my Silversmith and Replate Silver Links page.  The Silver Appraisals page lists companies which do online appraisals of your antique silver and silverplate items.

And finally, we have created a Silver Polish & Care page with instructions and information on how to polish and care for your silver.  An interactive Weight Conversion Chart is also provided for your convenience.  This will allow you to convert weights into 14 other units of standard measures - troy ounces, grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds and many more.

Abe answers the question: What does "Quadruple plate" or "Quadruple Silver Plate" (silverplate) mean in one of his many online newsletters,  Quadruple Silverplate Blog and the Quadruple Silverplate blog Archives.

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