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Vintage BURTON + BURTON 100% Cotton Fully Lined Apron Gingham Cross-Stitch Christmas Theme
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Vintage 100% Cotton Gingham Christmas Full Apron in Red White with a Cross-Stitch Pattern of Christmas Trees and Reindeer.  Fully lined in Red & White Gingham print, with a large center pocket with a cross-stitch pattern reindeer.  Never used, pristine condition!  This vintage gingham full apron measures 28" across the waist, ties are 30" each ((88" between the tie ends) and 33" long (from the top of the bodice to the bottom hem).  Excellent condition and VERY cute!

Aprons have been cooks' companions for hundreds of years. Indeed, aprons were used by men and women for a variety of tasks long before they were seen on 1950's television. During this era, women were portrayed as homemakers and good mothers and you rarely saw them without their aprons.

Some researchers point to Biblical references about aprons. They cite a passage in which Adam and Eve sewed together fig leaves to make aprons to cover themselves. We traditionally think of aprons being used for cooking, and while that is true, they have served as a cover-up for other tasks that tend to be messy. Occupations such as butchers, welders and bakers have always used aprons to protect both their clothing and bodies from their work.

For centuries, homemakers have used aprons. Even since the early 19th century, women have used aprons to keep their clothing clean. They have also used aprons to carry essential utensils such as rolling pins, for gathering and carrying eggs and for transporting kindling wood. Aprons have been an effective tool for many, many years.

It was not until the 1940's and 1950's that society started to see the stereotypes of the "perfect mother" who always wore an apron, no matter what. Until that time, aprons were thought of as a functional piece of the wardrobe. Today's aprons are more stylish. Perhaps surprisingly, aprons have made a fashionable comeback, even making occasional runway appearances in the form of the apron dress.

A2936 - Vintage BURTON + BURTON 100% Cotton Fully Lined Apron Gingham Cross-Stitch Christmas Theme
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