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Abe Silverman's Antique Silver Shop accepts paid classified advertising for antique silver, quadruple silverplate, silver / silverplate flatware, silver / silverplate holloware, fine china and crystal from individuals who wish to sell their items.

    ●  The 1-month text ad is FREE!*
    ●  The price for a 1-month text ad WITH photograph is $5.00 per ad
(Items with a photograph and stated price sell faster than a text only advertisement)

ONLY listings for antique silver, silverplate, silver flatware, silver plate holloware and china will be accepted for publication.
* Billing Information:
Telephone Number:
Public Seller Information:
* (REQUIRED)  Email:
(Optional)  Name:
(Optional)  City:
(Optional)  State:
(Optional)  Telephone Number:
Abe Silverman's Antique Silver Shop receives over 33,000 unique visitors per month and continues to grow exponentially every month! 

Our site is one of the highest placed web sites on all the major search engines, so you can be assured that your ad has the maximum exposure to buyers!
* Payment Method:
Required for ads with photo
* Type of Item:
* Maker of Item:
* Detailed Description  of Item:
* Condition:
(Optional) Asking Price:
* Photograph:
* Pattern Name:
You will be billed upon submission / approval of your ad or ad with photograph.

The better you describe your item, together with a crisp, clear and bright photograph, the more likely your item will be sold.  After 6 months from initial publication, ad/s will be deleted unless you wish to run your advertisement for an additional 6-month period.  Payment will be expected prior to the expiration of the initial 6-month ad.  We will email you before your 6-month advertising period ends.

Potential buyers will contact you personally with questions about your item and/or payment and shipping information. 

Placing an ad requires the following required information:
    ●  Type of Item (tea set, sugar bowl, china set, flatware, etc.)
    ●   Manufacturer of Item (Rogers, Lennox, Waterford, Unknown, etc.)
    ●  Pattern name (if known)
    ●  Detailed description of item (the more information, the better!)
    ●  Condition of Item (dents, needs polishing, chips, etc.)
    ●  Contact & Billing Information (Private) (For our shop records only)
    ●  Preferred method of payment
    ●  Contact Information (Public) (email / telephone number)
    ●  Asking Price (Optional but Recommended)
    ●  A (digital or 35mm) photo (clear & crisp) of your item. (Optional) 

Once your advertisement has been received and approved, an invoice will be emailed to you for payment if your ad has a photograph.  Payment is expected within 10 days or your advertisement will not be placed.  Payments can be made via PayPal, a Money Order or a Personal Check.

*Abe Silverman's Antique Silver Shop is not responsible for errors or omissions in placed advertising, or any portion of any potential transaction between the buyer and seller.  No guarantee of a sale is made.  Photos and descriptions may be modified by Abe Silverman's Antique Silver Shop.  We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason.  This is only an advertising venue.

To request an advertisement space, please fill out the form below and submit.
(*) Required Fields  If you have a photo to ad, just email it to me.  It's THAT simple!
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