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Antique ACME Silver Quadruple Silverplate Syrup Pitcher Creamer Oxidized Finish Bright Cut Flowers
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Elegant Acme Silver quadruple silverplate syrup pitcher creamer with the original rich dark oxidized finish with bright cut flowers and leaves, with a center wreath perfect for monogramming!

Perfect condition with no dents, bumps or dimples.  There is silverplate wear noted along the lid, and a moderate amount of the original factory applied oxidation has been removed, revealing the satin butlers finish in shiny silver beneath.  There is additional silverplate wear noted surrounding and including the bright cup floral design.

The bright cut design on both sides features a set of three small petal flowers, a set of larger 10 petal flowers, with an ornate wreath in the center, which would be the perfect area for a family monogram.

The handle, though simple in overall design, has finely detailed ornamentation along the base.  The lid features a decorative spur and an ornate fan shaped finial knob with beaded trim and a semi-beaded trim design where the knob attaches to the syrup pitcher lid.  Much of the original oxidized silverplate finish still remains on the upper portion of the handle and over much of the body of this syrup pitcher creamer.

The inside of this silver plate syrup pitcher creamer is very clean, showing only minor discoloration along the inside of the lid and a few minor spots of discoloration on the inside.  The original hinge pin remains, and the hinged lid works smoothly.

Early silver or silverplate syrup cup or pitchers followed the general styles of English milk pots from which they may have been derived.  However, most early ones can easily be distinguished from milk pots by a small drip plate - usually attached.  The invention of a patent cut-off inside the pitcher removed  the need for the drip plate.

Silver and silverplate syrup pitchers were sometimes made as an accessory or an addition to complete a silver tea service.  Smaller pitchers, made for specialized purposes, such as the serving of milk and cream, usually matched tea services.

Designed in a great number of styles until after the turn of the century, syrup pitchers declined in popularity and have virtually disappeared from current manufacturers catalogs.

Left as is, this is a beautiful example of Victorian silver.  Restored to its original oxidized finish, or simply re-silvered, this antique silver syrup pitcher creamer would be an outstanding addition to your antique silver collection.

You can learn more about the history of The Acme Silver Plate Co. from our Silver Manufacturers pages.  This quadruple silverplate syrup pitcher creamer, manufacturer by Acme Silver, measures 6" tall, 5" between the handle and the tip of the spout, and weighs 10.4 ounces.  The touchmark on the base reads: "THE ACME SILVER PLATE CO.", "BOSTON", with the Acme Silver Plate logo of a crescent moon and star, QUADRUPLE PLATE and the pattern number  of "1354".

A930 - Antique ACME Silver Quadruple Silverplate Syrup Pitcher Creamer Oxidized Finish Bright Cut Flowers #1354
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