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Vintage KREISLER KRAFT U.S.A. Tie Clasp Tie Bar & Cufflinks w/ Crystals Set (c. 1940's)
Mid-Century Modern
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Vintage Mid-Century Modern set of KREISLER KRAFT U.S.A. cufflinks and matching tie clasp tie bar with crystals on a textured gold-toned background.  (c. 1940's)  Nice matched vintage estate men's jewelry set showing very little wear or use.  The cufflinks measures 3/4" square and are marked on the stem with KREISLER KRAFT USA and the matching tie bar or tie clasp measures 2.25" wide x 1/2" tall and is also marked on the back.  There are four crystals in each of the cuff links and two crystals on the tie clasp tie bar.

Dating back to the seventeenth century, cufflinks came about when men wanted something more elegant for their shirts than ribbons or ties to hold together their cuffs. Men began using small chains that were fastened to the end of a gold or silver button and fed through the holes of the cuff to keep them together.  Hence, the first cufflink was born!

A tie bar (also tie slide, tie clip, or tie clasp) is a neckwear accessory that clips a tie to the underlying shirt front, preventing it from swinging and ensuring the tie hangs straight, resulting in a neat, uniform appearance.  Rising to prominence in the 1920s, the tie bar gradually replaced the tie pin.  Tie bars are usually made of metal and often have minor decorative patterns.

Brief history of KREISLER MFG. CORP. (1913 - at least until 1977).  The Stern-Kreisler Jewelry Company founded in 1914 in New York City by Jacques Kreisler & Marcus Stern makers of fine jewelry.  In 1928 Tobias Stern (son of founder) and Jacques Kreisler form Kreisler Manufacturing Corporation.  In 1932 the Jacques Kreisler Manufacturing Corp. closes its doors.

Then, in 1933 Tobias Stern and Jacques Kreisler restart the business of manufacturing watchbands and in 1948 Kreisler expands its product line to include men's and women's jewelry.  In 1952 the men's and ladies jewelry line is discontinued.  Sometime after 1952, Kreisler again started making jewelry.  In 1975, the jewelry division moves to St. Petersburg, FL, and in 1979 Kreisler closes its jewelry division .

A2012 - Vintage KREISLER KRAFT U.S.A. Tie Clasp Tie Bar & Cufflinks w/ Crystals Set (c. 1940's) Mid-Century Modern
$38.00  First Class Mail
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