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Vintage RUSSIAN Hand-Made Hand-Painted Lacquer Ware Stylized OWL BIRD Wood Thimble
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Absolutely stunning large Russian handmade and hand-painted lacquer ware (lacquerware) stylized OWL or BIRD wood thimble, very collectible, and finely crafted in brilliant colors of teal blue-green, red and golden yellow on a deep, rich black background which really makes the colors pop!  Excellent condition with no damage to note.

This fine wood Russian vintage lacquer ware thimble measures 1-3/4" tall, 9/10" in diameter and is unmarked, unsigned as to maker.  This hand-made Russian wood thimble would make an outstanding and stunning addition to anyone's fine thimble collection. 

In Russia, hunters carry Owl claws so that if the hunter is killed, their souls can use the Owls claws to climb up to Heaven.  Tartar shamen of Central Russia could assume Owl shapes.  Kalmucks hold the Owl to be sacred because one once saved the life of Genghis Khan.  The grave look and retired habits of the owl induced the ancients to employ its image as the symbol of wisdom. 

In Tartary, it is honored for another reason.  The Mongols and natives almost pay it divine honors because they attribute to this species the preservation of the founder of their empire, Genghis Khan.  That prince with his small army happened to be surprised, and put to flight by his enemies, and forced to conceal himself in a little outcropping.  An owl settled on the bush under which he was hid, and induced his pursuers not to search there, as they thought it impossible that any man could be concealed in a place where that bird would perch.

From that point forward, they held the owl to be sacred, and every one wore a plume of feathers of an owl on his head.  To this day the Kalmucks continue the custom on all great festivals, and some tribes have an idol in the form of an owl, to which they fasten the legs of a real bird.
A2777 - Vintage RUSSIAN Hand-Made Hand-Painted Lacquer Ware Stylized OWL BIRD Wood Thimble
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