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Vintage Japanese Porcelain Ware ROSE MEDALLION Floral Cloisonne Enamel Birds 6" Bowl
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Vintage Japanese porcelain ware ROSE MEDALLION pattern footed cloisonne enamel floral bowl with birds.  Excellent condition with no damage to note.  (c. 1960s)  Measures 6-1/4 in diameter, 2-3/4" high and 2-3/8" diameter at the base and weighs 11.8 ounces.

Overglaze polychrome enamels on white porcelain body with hand-painted gold metallic trim, this pretty Rose Medallion style footed bowl has alternating panels of different floral carnation flowers and birds.  Colors of jade green, purple pink, Chinese red, soft buttery yellow, pale blue on a white porcelain enamel background.  Hand-painted gold trim along the rim and within the decorations on the inside and outside.  Center round medallion features a carnation flower and bird.  Stamped on the bottom with JAPANESE PORCELAIN WARE, DECORATED IN HONG KONG and T.F.F.

Rose Medallion is the pattern with the widest variations in forms, pattern, and quality.  Four alternating panels around a central gold circle ("medallion") enclosing a bird and peony flowers characterize it.  Within the four panels are peony flowers, birds and butterflies.  Separating the panels are gold metallic scrollwork.   Rose Canton, which shows only birds, flowers, and butterflies, with no people.  Higher quality Rose Medallion will exhibit the use of gold to highlight details and finer, more realistic details on the birds, vines and butterflies.

The Bird and Butterfly pattern was produced during the mid-19th century and is so rare it could hardly merit to be labeled a standard pattern, but is anyway easy to distinguish, as it has butterflies throughout the pattern. The shapes on all these are mostly the same as in Canton.

Since adding enameled decoration on white porcelain is a small scale business that could be set up anywhere with very little capital, porcelain decorators probably moved from Canton to Hong Kong to set up shop there immediately by the time of its founding in the 19th century.  The Hong Kong porcelain trade hit its peak in the 1960s, with just over a hundred workshops in the Territory only. 

At this time the demand for Hong Kong decorated porcelain forced the workshops to also import white porcelain from Japan to be decorated in Hong Kong.  Some trading agents specifically ordered plain porcelain from Japan.  The quality and price appears to have been the same as the Chinese.  The porcelain trade thrived until the 1970s when trade, stocks and shares and the whole city began to take off in mid 80s, gradually making the HK properties the most expensive in the world.  At this time porcelain trading, who requires large shop areas, was gradually pushed out of the game.

A2726 - Vintage Japanese Porcelain Ware ROSE MEDALLION Floral Cloisonne Enamel Birds 6" Bowl
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