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Vintage Chinese Porcelain Qing Dynasty Floral Cloosonne Enamel 10" Bowl
Chrysanthemums & Chinese Iris Flowers
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Vintage Chinese porcelain QING DYNASTY floral cloisonne enamel 10" bowl with hand-painted Chrysanthemums and Chinese Iris flower details and gold trim.  (c. 1965)  Excellent condition with no damage to note.  Measures 10" in diameter, 4-1/2" high, 4-1/4 diameter at the base and weighs 2 pounds 10.5 ounces.  Backstamped with the Chinese character mark "Da Qing Quianlong Nion Zhi", translates to "Great Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period, Made."

The colors used in this Macau style Chinese porcelain bowl are orange, dark brown, variegated gray and gold metallic on a creamy white porcelain background.  This stunning bowl would  make a very substantial addition to any Chinese porcelain collection.

In Chinese culture, irises are given to repel evil spirits, especially on lunar May 5 when irises are hung over doors. Eating irises is said to prolong one’s life.  Chrysanthemum is a Chinese word, derived from "Chu hua" meaning "October flower". It is also the emblem of the Old Chinese Army and, in China, the chrysanthemum has long been considered a very noble plant along with the orchid, bamboo and the plum. It was so well thought of that only the noble were allowed to grow the chrysanthemum in their gardens - lower classes were strictly forbidden from doing so.

Chinese character marks on 'Macau Style' decorated porcelain, all from c. 1965 and later.  The background to how these pieces came to be is probably to be found in the difficulties that were met within China proper during the Cultural Revolution 1965-1975, when also much porcelain decoration and trade moved out to Hong Kong, and as it seems, Macau.

The reason many have decided to call these special pieces "Macau style" is that some porcelain pieces have been found with a "Macau" sticker and some with the name Macau actually added to the mark.

There is as always a conflict between marks and reality and some "Macau" pieces do seem to come with a "Hong Kong" mark too. Geographically it is actually not far between neither Canton, Macau or Hong Kong located in the Pearl River delta in the Guangdong province of China; however politically, the difference in the last quarter of the 20th century was considerable.  The style of the "Macau group" is however easily recognized by its slightly "un-Chinese" style of decorations and its often pale enamels.

A2723 - Vintage Chinese Porcelain Qing Dynasty Floral Cloisonne Enamel 10" Bowl Chrysanthemums and Chinese Iris Flowers MACAU
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