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Vintage Linda Allard for ELLEN TRACY Square Geometric Silk Scarf or Wrap
35" Square Jewel Colors
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Gorgeous and absolutely stunning vintage Linda Allard for ELLEN TRACY square silk scarf or wrap in bold and beautiful jewel colors in a geometric squares motif.  Deep rich burgundy, hunter green, gold, brown all on jacquard 100% silk fabric.  Excellent condition with no snags, stains, rips or tears!  Measures 35" x 35'" square.  Original Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy fabric label sewn into the stitched hem.

"Chief Designer Linda Allard hung up her jacket at Ellen Tracy.  In the fall of 2002, Linda Allard celebrated 40 years of designing for Ellen Tracy.  In August of 2003, the company announced that she -- and her husband of three years, Ellen Tracy founder Herbert Gallen, who sold the company to Liz Claiborne last year for $180 million -- had retired.

Allard's tenure at Ellen Tracy had to have set some kind of record for fashion design: 41 solid years without ever once yielding to the temptation to make clothes with a lot of extraneous leather straps, or raggedy inside-out seams, or skirts so pouffed-out (or so tight) that you can't sit down in them.

As a scholarship student at Kent State in the late 1950s and early '60s, Allard must have seemed exotic. Kent State didn't have a fashion-design department then, but that didn't deter her: She majored in art and took home-economics courses to learn more about pattern-making and textiles.

Once she got to New York -- via Greyhound bus, with $200 in her purse and a sheaf of fashion sketches in her portfolio -- her bred-in-the-bone Midwestern practicality asserted itself.  As she told the members of an Akron luncheon club a few years ago, she didn't know you couldn't find a fashion-design job by looking in the Yellow Pages, so she did.  She noticed that all the clothing manufacturers she looked up were conveniently located in the same couple of blocks of Seventh Avenue. So for days she went from building to building, floor to floor, office door to office door, asking if anybody needed an assistant designer.

Ellen Tracy did."  And thus began Linda Allard's 41 year tenure at Ellen Tracy.

A2715 - Vintage ELLEN TRACY Square Geometric Silk Jacquard Scarf or Wrap 35" Square Jewel Colors
$12.00 First Class Mail
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