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Antique Victorian CROWN MILANO Mt. Washington Art Glass Mustard Pot Jar Satin Opal
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Antique Crown Milano lidded mustard pot / jar made by the Mt. Washington Glass Company of New Bedford, Massachusetts.  This exquisite opal glass piece dates to the late 1880's.  This antique Victorian Crown Milano Mt. Washington mustard pot jar is in excellent condition. 

This Victorian-era satin opal art glass jar is decorated with pastel colored flowers in pale pinks, pale violets, pale yellows and pale blues.  Applied hand-painted encrusted gold decorations.  The rim, lid and handle are silver-plated and have a floral repousse design.  The inside of the lid is incised M. W. 

During the latter part of the 19th century, the Mt. Washington Glass Company of New Bedford, Massachusetts gave us many of our most beautiful and highly-priced Victorian art glass creations.  The history of the company mentions many of the famous in American glass history, including Deming Jarves, Frederick Shirley and the Libbeys.

Numbered among the company's contributions was glassware introduced in the 1880's aptly christened "Crown Milano."  This high-quality and highly-desirable glass was made on a large and profitable scale by Mt. Washington, and unless a piece bears the Crown Milano mark, a C and M monogram usually with a crown above it, other glassware from the same period, produced by other glasshouses can be mistakenly identified as true Crown Milano.  However, "Albertine" was used as an earlier trademark by Mt. Washington on Crown Milano glassware and collectors consider any piece so marked to be Crown Milano.

To create Crown Milano, a blank of white opal glassware, either pattern-molded, free-blown, or pressed, was given a satin or bisque finish by dipping in an acid solution.  By itself, opal glassware is void of any beauty, except when held to the light it displays a fiery red and blue like an opal.  It was hand-decorating for which the Mt. Washington artists were noted, that transformed blanks of white opal glassware into something exotic known as Crown Milano.

After a blank had its acid-roughing dip, a corrugated stencil was placed against the surface of the glass, then dusted with pulverized carbon, thereby creating an outline for the artist to follow.  The designs were elaborate and the embellishments lush.  Colorful enamels and heavily encrusted gold were applied by hand on soft backgrounds of beige, brown, and pink - although vividly-colored examples will also be found.

In 1894, the Pairpoint Manufacturing Company absorbed the Mt. Washington Glass Company.  For this reason, many silver-plated frames which bear the Pairpoint mark hold glass inserts which have various Mt. Washington marks. 

There are additional facts for the Crown Milano collector.  In 1896, Pairpoint imported porcelain blanks from a pottery in Limoges, France.  These china wares were decorated exactly like Crown Milano but bear a crown and laurel wreath mark.  They, like many pieces of shiny and satin-finished opal glassware which did not bear the C and M monogram designating them as Crown Milano, were sold under the name "Crown Pairpoint Ware."
Bangor Daily News, August 10, 1973

This antique Victorian Crown Milano Mt. Washington mustard jar measures 3-7/8" tall to the top of the silverplated floral finial, 2-7/8" tall to the silverplated rim, approximately 3" in diameter, approximately 3-7/8" from the outside edge of the silverplated handle to the outer edge of the body and is marked on the base with the crown, a C over M monogram and the pattern number 529 in violet.  The inside of the silverplated lid is incised with an M. and a W. for Mt. Washington.

A2598 - Antique Victorian CROWN MILANO Mt. Washington Art Glass Mustard Pot Jar Satin Opal
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