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Vintage and retro handmade POTHOLDER POT HOLDER with gold and green machine stitching, double thickness and measuring 7" x 7.75".  Estate item.  Retro flowers on one side, geometric design on the other.  Both layers are very thick and are sewn together to form this vintage pot holder or potholder.  Excellent condition with no stains, tears or fading.

The humble potholder, or pot holder, is so common-place in American kitchens that most of us notice it only when needed and missing.  Reaching nearly automatically for these textile accessories while cooking, we are more apt to give them our consideration when we are unable to find one when we need it. 

Taken so much for granted, potholders are seldom even mentioned in that cookbooks and kitchen guides.  While many needleworkers are aware of potholders as exciting design options and rewarding craft projects, the potholder has been an artifact without apparent history or background, a tool so smoothly integrated with the substance of daily living that it has dropped almost entirely out of awareness.

It may come as a surprise to those who regard potholders as a necessary kitchen accessory worthy of consideration only when missing, that the familiar needlework and/or fabric potholder appears to be a relatively recent arrival upon the household scene.  Museum collections reveal no potholders more than two centuries old, and these are so thin and dysfunctional for cooking that they are more likely to have been used in the parlor or dining room rather than in the kitchen.

The modern cook, confronted with innumerable historical examples of metal and ceramic cookware, balks stubbornly at the notion of handling these without potholders.  The textile as a tool for hand protection, however, is pre-dated by a variety of devices that reflect the historical reluctance to use fabrics to handle hot objects before the Industrial Revolution reduced cost of textiles relative to wages.

Egyptian tomb paintings from 2500 B.C. forward show cookery and similar fire-related tasks being performed without hand protection, but this may be an artistic convention. Evolution of the Potholder - Rachel Maines

Some of the most unusual and charming pot holders date from the 1950's & 1960's.  Many of these were crocheted in a variety of novel shapes, including fruit, flowers and more.  Other pot holders were sewn or knitted.  A collection of these can be an ideal accent for a retro-style kitchen; however, do keep in mind that some may be too delicate for regular use or not provide adequate protection for your hands when used.

A2062 - Vintage HAND-MADE POTHOLDER POT HOLDER Machine-Stitching
$4.50  First Class Mail 
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