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Antique Quadruple Silverplate FIGURAL AMERICAN EAGLE BIRD NAPKIN RING Hamilton Mfg. Co. #41
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Antique and patriotic quadruple silverplate FIGURAL AMERICAN EAGLE BIRD NAPKIN RING by Hamilton Mfg. Co. featuring ornate hand-tooled designs on a round decorated pedestal with an American Eagle bird figure perched on a sphere.

This unique figural bird napkin ring has been monogrammed in the cartouche with the initials "M" and a "B", which only adds to the charm of this antique silver napkin ring.  Tiny beading surrounds the base as does an intricate Victorian era design. 

The edges of the napkin ring cylinder are slightly flared and also have the intricate Victorian era design.  The entire cylinder of the napkin ring has hand-tooled scrolls in very fine detail.  The American Eagle bird is undamaged; unusual as the beak is usually broken off in this fine old silver napkin rings.

These antique silverplate figural napkin rings are SO collectible!  (Note that there is a huge influx of new imported silverplated figural napkin rings on the market from overseas.  Be sure to look for the touchmark on the base if you want an authentic antique napkin ring!)

By the 1890's, every member of a family had his own napkin ring made of either sterling or plated silver.  These Victorian era napkin rings were almost always identified with an initial or monogram, usually placed within a garland or scroll or cartouche.  If the napkin ring had been a gift on a birthday or some other special occasion, the date was often added, usually in script lettering. 

These antique napkin rings were cylindrical and quite wide at 1½  inches or more.  About 1910 napkin rings became narrower, about an inch in width, and looked even smaller because they were nipped in at the middle.  Decoration was sometimes applied.  A small, inch-wide napkin ring of plated silver made around 1910, for example, was encircled with the stems, leaves, and buds of the large, open poppy that ornamented it.

This Victorian silver plate figural American Eagle napkin ring is in very good condition, with a moderate loss of silverplate wear or loss noted on the inside cylinder and the flange on the base of the napkin ring is slightly bent out of round.  Rich dark patina.  This antique silver napkin ring measures 2.5" tall, 3.5" from the tip of the bird to the back of the napkin ring,  the base is 2.75" wide and the napkin ring weighs 4.4 ounces. 

Touchmarked on the bottom of the figural napkin ring with HAMILTON MFG. CO., QUADRUPLE PLATE and the pattern / order number of "41".  You can read more about the history of Hamilton Mfg. Co. from our Silver Manufacturers pages.

A1907 - Antique Quadruple Silverplate FIGURAL AMERICAN EAGLE BIRD NAPKIN RING Hamilton Mfg. Co. #41
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