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Vintage Hand Blown Crystal Glass Stemmed SHERBET / CHAMPAGNE / CORDIAL Glasses
Set of Five
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Vintage set of five colored hand blown crystal glass stemmed SHERBET CHAMPAGNE CORDIAL SHERRY PORT WINE stemware glasses in a mid-century modern design.  Colors of green, brown, yellow, blue and pink crystal glass.

The dark green vintage crystal glass sherbet champagne cordial has a tiny chip in the base.  The golden brown, blue, green yellow and pink vintage crystal glass sherbet champagne cordials are mint condition.

Sherbet/champagnes feature short stems and shallow bowls. These pieces are often called saucer champagnes. The sherbet/champagne reached the height of its popularity during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. It was later discovered that the taller and more slender bowls of champagne flutes were better at helping champagne to retain its bubbles.

Port wine and sherry are fortified wines used popularly consumed after dinner or as dessert wines. Port is made from grapes grown in the Douro region in Northern Portugal, while sherry is made from white grapes in a town in Spain.

Most cordials were of European origin, first produced in Italian apothecaries during the Renaissance where the art of distilling was refined during the 15th and 16th centuries.  It is from this origin that cordials are frequently referred to in French as Liqueurs d’ltalie, it is also from this that we have liqueurs.  From the Renaissance onwards, cordials were usually based on alcohol in which certain herbs, spices or other ingredients were allowed to steep.

The first cordials arrived in England in the late 15th century and were called distilled cordial waters.  These were strictly used as alcoholic medicines, prescribed in small doses to invigorate and revitalize the heart, body and spirit as well as cure diseases.  By the 18th century cordials were being imbibed for their intoxicating effects and medicinal virtues, and were fast becoming recreational drinks, eventually evolving into liqueurs.

Cordials were used to renew the natural heat, recreate and revive the spirits, and free the whole body from the malignity of diseases.  Many cordials were also considered aphrodisiacs, a view which encouraged their consumption in a social as opposed to a medical context.  Other early varieties of alcoholic cordials were flavored with spices and herbal ingredients which were thought to settle the stomach after excessive eating, leading to the collective name of ‘surfeit waters’  Precious ingredients like gold, pearls and coral were sometimes added. These were believed to revive the spirit and to preclude disease.

Liqueurs, Schnapps, Anise, and Bitters are terms that cover a wide variety of types of spirits.  What they all share in common is that they are flavored spirits.  Liqueurs (also known as Cordials) are sweet, flavor-infused spirits that are categorized according to the flavoring agent (i.e., fruits, nuts, herbal and spice blends, creams and such).  The word liqueur comes from the Latin liquifacere ("to dissolve") and refers to the dissolving of flavorings in the spirits.

There's been a renewed interest in the making and drinking of fruit-flavored cordials and cordial stemware, perhaps best known from the Anne of Green Gables book series by L. M. Montgomery - the traditional Raspberry Cordial.

Each of these hand-blown glass stemmed sherbet or champagne glasses measure 3" tall, 2.25" in diameter and feature the mid-century modern clear stems and bases.  This set of vintage colored sherbet or champagne glasses would look stunning in a china cabinet or curio display.

A1899 - Vintage Hand Blown Colored Crystal Glass Stemmed SHERBET CHAMPAGNE CORDIAL SHERRY PORT WINE Stemware Glasses Set of Five
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