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Handmade Ecru Hand-Loomed Embroidery Cotton Linen Oblong Tablecloth Snowflake 61" x 80" Table Linen

Hand-loomed fine 100% ecru cotton linen oblong tablecloth with crochet lace and abstract stylized snowflake embroidery, handmade by talented fiber artist Dorothy Hoboya.

Beautiful banquet size textile linen for your table!
Elegant even without the fine china and crystal!

Natural un-bleached hand-loomed 100% cotton was used to make this fine handmade tablecloth with intricate embroidery in an abstract stylized snowflake design and crochet lace trim - all done by hand!  Many hours of handwork was spent designing and making this handmade tablecloth.  The quality is far above any table linen available at stores.

Just in time for the holidays and holiday entertaining!  Gives an elegant home decorating touch to your table this holiday season - or any day!  Tablecloth is magnificent and could easily be used with a banquet size dining table.

-  Age:  (c. 1990's)
-  Condition: Excellent and unused
-  May need a light pressing
- Hand-loomed un-bleached ecru cotton linen fabric
-  Made of 100% un-bleached cotton
-  100% handmade
-  Hand-crochet lace
-  Hand embroidery snowflake designs in two distinct shapes and sizes
-  Decorative crochet lace scallop trim
-  Handmade crochet lace separating top of table cloth from drop
-  Machine Wash / Dry Delicate
- This oblong tablecloth measures 80" long x 61" wide, 41" without the 10" drop on each long side
-  Weighs (unpacked) 1 pound, 8.2 ounces
-  For a proper fit to your tablecloth, it's important to have an accurate measurement of your table, the way you'll be using it (with or without leaves). The crochet lace fabric hanging over the edge of the table is referred to as the "drop." It is certainly proper to have a longer drop on the sides than on the ends.  The proper drop is determined by the style of the tablecloth and your table setting:

Casual Table Linens should display a drop 6" to 10" each or all sides.
Formal Table Linens should display a drop of 8" to 18" per side.

The longer the drop, the more luxurious look can be achieved.  It is proper for the drop of the tablecloth to touch just the top of your chair seats.  In a formal setting, the chairs are placed around and up to the table -- never tucked under.
(Antique cherry dining table and antique china bowl centerpiece not included)

Recommended washing instructions for handmade tablecloths made of natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and lace are to machine or hand wash and line dry. 

* Gentle detergent or soap (Ivory/Woolite) can be used with the gentle cycle of your wash.  A large bath towel, hung over a shower rod, makes a perfect ‘indoor clothes line’ for drying textile linens.

* Many times, machine drying can cause the fabric to become damaged and it may even shrink.  If you must use a dryer, use the gentle cycle / tumble with no heat.  Do not over-dry as this may cause any wrinkles to ‘set’.

* For heavily soiled tablecloths, tea cloths, doilies and other table linens, soak the linens in cold water for a few hours (or even overnight) prior to washing.

* The fastest, most reliable way of achieving that ‘just ironed’ look for your table linens is to have the tablecloth, tea cloth, doily or other table linen pressed by your local dry cleaners.

A1013 - Handmade Ecru Hand Loomed Embroidery Cotton Linen Oblong Tablecloth Snowflake 61" x 80" Table Linen
Tablecloth Cotton Linen Handmade
Ecru Hand-Loomed Embroidery
Oblong Snowflake 61" x 80"

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